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An Open Letter for Support

Since 1999, the TESTAMENTS OF HONOUR project has been interviewing Canadian veterans' on digital video, over 200 to date. We bring the veterans' stories to new digital life with unique DVD heirloom video albums. Then when edited, the veterans' family will receive a complimentary copy, and the archives will be recorded on interactive DVD albums and can be accessed on the internet.

These will also be used in museums and schools for a greater understanding of the people who helped shape our history.

But despite the generous support of our partners, we are short of the funds we need to record all the veterans who are waiting to be interviewed, and we need help now!

Time is working against us. With veterans disappearing at the rate of 40 each day, and without new support from the corporate and private sectors, we'll lose the fleeting chance to record these stories of the people who helped shape our history: they are a disappearing national treasure. To date, we have no governmental support, despite enthusiastic letters of support from all levels of both federal and provincial MPs and MPPs. But we can't afford to put the onus on the government alone.

So we're seeking extraordinary individuals, organizations and businesses who recognize the unique value of this undertaking, and wish to become a part of this singular means of experiencing and preserving our history.

To learn history, I believe you must look in history's eyes. With this exceptional archive of interviews, we have the unique opportunity to have the participants and witnesses of events that shaped the world as we now know it, look us in the eye, and say in their own voice, "This happened to me."

TESTAMENTS OF HONOUR is trying to provide future generations with the means to experience an important generation of history through the veterans' interviews.

New TESTAMENTS initiatives stalled for want of funding include SOLDIERS OF THE LAND, profiles of First Nations individuals who served in the Armed Forces, and QUIET VALOUR: WOMEN IN THE CANADIAN MILITARY, which explores stories of women in the armed forces.

We can't let these people and their stories just disappear. They are the fabric of our history and culture. Is there not anyone or any organization who is able or willing to help? Contributions and public support are what we need now!

Blake Heathcote
Project Director
(416) 488-1963


THE TESTAMENTS OF HONOUR HISTORICAL ARCHIVE is a registered non-profit corporation Charitable Registration # 86640 9576 RR0001.


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