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Mike Roach - "Mr. Vet" Passes On

And the ranks get thinner yet. "Mr. Vet", Mike Roach, passed away September 8th 2000. Mike had served five years overseas with the RHLI, but didn't stop his affiliation there. Through his deep involvement in Hamilton's veteran community, he acquired the well-deserved nickname "Mr. Vet"

He worked tirelessly behind the scenes for any war vet needing help, not just former members of the RHLI. But perhaps he was best known to the public as the long-time chairman of the Hamilton Veterans' Committee. In that role, he lead many of Remembrance Day parade from the John Foote, VC, Armouries to the Cenotaph in Gore Park. It is not enough to say he has been missed, but perhaps nothing more needs saying.


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