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RHLI Veteran Receives Top Honour From France

Chief Warrant Officer Jack McFarland

On April 27th, 2007, Chief Warrant Officer Jack McFarland, RHLI, became a Knight of the Order of the Legion of Honour of France.  The prestigious and high honour was bestowed at Canadian Warplane Heritage to CWO McFarland, along with seven other Hamilton-area recipients, at a ceremony hosted by the French Ambassador to Canada, M. Daniel Jouanneau.  A very strong contingent from the regimental family was on hand for the ceremony, which included a great performance from our band.  The citation says it all:


You join the Canadian Army in September 1939 in The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry.  You take part in the raid in Dieppe on August 19, 1942, where you are wounded and captured.  The Germans send you to an hospital in Rouen 'till October 1942.  Then you are transferred to Germany as a prisoner of war.  You belong to the valourous and bold Canadian soldiers who have paid a heavy tribute to an operation that contributed to the success of the landing in Normandy two years later, and to the liberation of France.  After the war, you remain in the Canadian Forces and you retire as a Chief Warrant Officer.  Since then, you have been very active with many veterans associations.

Jack Clifford McFarland, au nom du Président de la République française, nous vous faisons chevalier de la Légion d’honneur.


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