What Are The Canadian Forces Reserves

  The Reserves are people from the community who want more. The reasons people join the Reserves are as varied as the people are. Some want adventure, a chance to serve others, a challenge, or even a second income.

  The Infantry (INF) is the backbone of any fighting force. Its role is to "close with and destroy the enemy". Along with the Artillery, the Armoured and the Field Engineer, the Infantry forms the Combat Arms team. Trained to fight as combat troops, Infantry soldiers are capable of performing in special operations, such as airmobile, amphibious and environmental operations, including those in the Arctic and in mountain, jungle and desert areas.

  • Use weapons such as rifles and pistols

  • Use high tech digital communication and navigational equipment

  • Use mortars, machine guns, anti tank weapons, missiles and grenades

  • Use explosives and pyrotechnics

  • Inspect and maintain weapon systems, vehicles and equipment (e.g., clothing, survival gear and personal equipment)

  • Operate with support elements such as aircraft, helicopters (troop carrying and reconnaissance), tanks, artillery and engineers

  • Engage in unarmed combat

  • Employ fieldcraft and battle procedures including camouflage and concealment, internal security, patrol, escape and evasion tactics

Members of the Reserves are Military personnel. We are not a summer youth camp. We train hard to be able to work alongside members of the Regular Force. We develop the skills that enable us to make a meaningful contribution to the team. It's tough and it requires commitment. We recommend that you start a fitness program BEFORE you apply for a position in the Reserves. It'll make a world of difference physically and mentally when you face the challenge of Basic Training.

The Reserves will give you a clear picture of Military life and career opportunities.

After successfully completing Basic Training, you will start Classification Training. Classification training can introduce you to a wide range of Military job opportunities. You'll learn what they are, talk to people who do them and perhaps, find your future career. The Reserves offer insight into a world of possibilities.

We are not an ordinary part time employer, as our expectations are high. Army Reserve members are part of a team where we must depend on each other. We all have to perform our duties, no matter the weather, the time of day or night. We are the Army. On weekends we participate in field exercises, aimed at honing our soldier skills. You'll need to be sharp if, at some point, you decide to volunteer for a UN tour. Militia members regularly serve on UN missions in places like the former Yugoslavia, Cambodia and Africa, working beside Regular Force soldiers. You have to be competent at your job.

The Army Reserve is an excellent window on the Army and it's an invaluable learning institution where you'll learn the lessons that will serve you well for the rest of your Life. You'll become strong physically and mentally. You'll develop new skills and become part of a specialized team with a tradition of excellence. If you decide to make this your full time job to join the Regular Force you can apply for a component transfer and make the Army your career.

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