National Defence and the Canadian Forces

4th Canadian Division

31 Canadian Brigade Group

Pay & Benefits


You are responsible for your own dental plan and OHIP. However, the Canadian Forces will cover any medical expenses incurred while you are "on-duty", and a good dentist plan is available after you have been with us for six months.

Uniforms and Equipment

You will be issued with the clothing and equipment you need to train with. Everything you are issued is "on-loan" and must be returned when you leave. You're responsible for keeping it clean and in good working order. You're also responsible for your "personal kit", such as soap, shaving gear, and other items of personal hygiene.

Accommodations and Meals

While on training exercises or duty that takes you away from the armouries, overnight accommodations and meals will normally be provided. Don't expect five-star service! The food could come from an insulated serving box off the back of a truck, and your bed could be a sleeping bed under the stars. This is the army!


You're paid a daily rate, based on rank, experience and entry plan. A new recruit earns about $77.90 per day, and a new officer about $83.98 per day. (View pay rates for other reserve ranks) Your pay is deposited into your bank account twice a month. The more highly-trained you become, the more you will earn. But remember, Reservists are only paid for the days they work. You must train with the Regiment frequently, or risk losing your position.

Further Details

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