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Basic Training

Every new member of the Army Reserve must complete basic training. Non-commissioned members and officers alike have to know essential soldier skills. Officers will also take leadership training to earn the priviledge of commanding troops.

You'll be up early - EARLY early. You'll do push-ups, sit-ups, and chin-ups. You'll run and march. You'll learn how to handle, take care of, and use military arms. You'll be taught orienteering and how to live in the field under rough conditions. You'll learn first aid and CPR. In short, you'll become a soldier.

"Basic" will build up your strength of character and make you physically and mentally prepared for any challenge. The key to basic training is keeping everything in perspective. It's a new way of life - listen, take notes and work hard. Your progress is constantly monitored, and your instructors will provide frequent feedback as you gain experience. You can make it!

No prior experience is necessary; we will train you. The BMQ (Basic Military Qualification) Course will introduce you to life as a soldier. You will be taught how to use the C7A1 Canadian Service Rifle. You will learn skills such as Navigation, NBCD (Nuclear Biological Chemical Defence), and Basic Fieldcraft. You will also learn transferable skills such as Teamwork, Self-discipline, and First Aid. Click on the icon above to take a look at our Video for more information about the BMQ course:

If you would like to see further photos and videos, you can view our RHLI Exercises area to see what training exercises our soldiers have been doing recently, or visit our Deployment site to check in with our members who are deployed overseas on UN and NATO missions.

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