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OK – you’ve earned your Regimental cap badge with the Light Infantry silver bugle, making you a member of Hamilton and Burlington’s oldest and most historic infantry unit!  But your graduation from basic training - whether a summertime course at Canadian Forces Base Meaford, the winter basic course or the high-school co-op course - is just the start of your Reserve career.  From then on, your Regimental life begins and a whole new world of opportunity opens up!

As you start more advanced training, you begin in the Armouries.  The evening often begins with the Commanding Officer’s Inspection, to ensure soldiers are properly turned out and ready for training.

The training is progressive, starting with lectures in classrooms and hands-on practice on the armouries floor.  Then, everything kicks into gear when you move outside the walls.

You can train locally in urban settings when you don’t need to travel away to the field.  Unused neighbourhood buildings make an excellent training area when preparing for urban operations warfare.  Eventually, when it’s time to get really dirty, you’ll go away to a Canadian Forces or United States training area – places like the Winona Rifle Range or the training centre at Meaford on Georgian Bay.  Larger exercises can take place at CFB Petawawa north of Ottawa, the Combat Manoeuvre Training Centre (CMTC) in Wainright, Alberta or at U.S. bases such as Ft. Knox in Tennessee.  Spring, summer, fall and winter – any time, any where, any weather – your training continues.

It’s all part of the RHLI’s non-stop skills-based system, taught by highly-trained and combat-proven veterans, to ensure your soldier skills remain top-notch to meet the needs of the army and test yourself to the limits.  Whether you serve in Canada or take the option of an overseas deployment, training remains a high priority with the RHLI for all our soldiers.

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