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Ex Stalwart Guardian, August 2017

Every August, Reserve soldiers in Ontario, including The RHLI, take part in a large-scale training confirmation exercise called Stalwart Guardian. Taking place at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, a camp big enough for large-scale maneuvres, the exercise allows our soldiers to use a wide range of skills, from live-fire to amphibious warfare to helicopter insertions.Click to read full story.

Canadian Patrol Concentration 2016

The Canadian Patrol Concentration is an annual test of patrolling and soldiering skills held in Wainwright Alberta. It comprises of a long range patrol in which different tasks and objectives must be completed included partisan link-ups, obstacle and water crossings, close target recces, and casualty care, amongst others. This year the team from 31 CBG was made up of members from the Essex and Kent Scottish, Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada, 4th Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment and The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry. Click to read full story.

Lieutenant-Colonel Booker and Ridgeway

“I believe in the higher discipline of following the orders my superior should have given, had he known what he was doing.”  And that, in a sentence, explains the strategy that Booker, Dennis and Akers used to justify Ridgeway when they conspired to ignore Peacocke’s orders, believing they had better intelligence. Click to read full story.


The RHLI have been awarded the national honour "Afghanistan" for our commitment to Canada's longest and most recent conflict. The Prime Minister made the announcement during the "National Day of Honour" ceremonies on Parliament Hill on May 9th, 2014, and the list was released the next day.

The honour is a "theatre" honour, and not for any one particular battle. 63 Canadian Army units (including our sister regiment, the Argylls) were awarded the distinction, along with the Canadian Special Operations Regiment, 4 Royal Canadian Air Force squadrons, and 15 Royal Canadian Navy ships.

The award was based on specific criteria:

"Units of the Canadian Army will be granted the Theatre Honour "Afghanistan" if their cumulative contribution of personnel reached a minimum level of 20 per cent of the effective strength of the originating unit in the geographical area of Afghanistan."

With more than 40 members of the RHLI volunteering for Afghanistan, many of them more than once, the RHLI qualified easily for the honour. The honour carries a special distinction shared with the "South African War" honour, in that they are the only two where the RHLI did not suffer any fatal casualties.

Looking for an exciting job with some purpose?

The RHLI offers challenging, exciting and rewarding opportunities in both Burlington and Hamilton for full-time summer or part-time year-round careers with a beginning pay of $85.00/day. Be sure to visit your local recruiting office, or contact the RHLI in Burlington (905-634-0711, or 905-971-1742) or in Hamilton (905-972-4001).

No prior experience is necessary; we will train you. The BMQ (Basic Military Qualification) Course will introduce you to life as a soldier. You will be taught how to use the C7 Canadian Service Rifle. You will learn skills such as navigation and basic fieldcraft. You will also learn job-transferable skills such as teamwork, self-discipline, and first aid.

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