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The Memorial Silver Bugles of The Regiment

RHLI (WR) Silver Bugles

In the Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Albert's), which became allied with the Regiment in 1910, silver bugles, whose music means so much to a light infantry regiment, commemorate commanding officers, having been presented by them on their retirement.

The first Regimental silver bugle was presented to The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry by the Officers of the 1st Battalion, Somerset Light Infantry in 1929 in honour of the formation of the alliance of the two regiments.

Following the presentation of the first silver bugle The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry adapted the regimental custom of the Somersets by deciding to obtain silver bugles for the Regiment "in memory of former commanding officers and also in memory of officers of distinguished service, of those who died in the Great War, and of those of any rank who had made contributions toward the cause of country".

The silver bugles were presented on parade on the night of November 8, 1930, with two additional bugles being presented by the Somersets during the Second World War, one in 1941 and the other at the conclusion of the War.

The beautiful silver bugles treasured by the Regiment are kept in a special case in the Memorial Room of the Officers' Mess and are carried by the Bugle Band on inspections and special occasions only. When they are taken out by the Bugle Sergeants, or returned, the Mess stands to attention.

The bugles of a light infantry regiment are noted for the forcefulness of their sound and the particular timbre of the Memorial Silver Bugles is most noticeable.

In 1985 about 60 troops went over to England for two weeks on an official liaison visit with our sister unit, 6 Light Infantry in Bath. It was an official visit but all ranks had to pay for their own flight. We spent a week socializing with 6LI and attending functions associated with the Bath International Music Festival.

Then we all spent a week training with 6LI on the Isle of Wight. During our visit we presented 6LI with a new silver bugle. It was engraved with their hat badge and our hat badge with the words "In honour of the visit by the RHLI, May 1985. The Commanding Officer of 6LI, L Col David Farrant immediately assigned this bugle as the bugle of the CO's Bugler. To our knowledge, this is the first silver bugle presented from the RHLI back to one of our sister regiments.

The inscriptions as found on the Memorial Silver Bugles:

1. Presented by The Officers 1st Battn. Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Albert's) 1929 2. Presented by James Isaac Buchanan, Esq. In Memory of his Father Lieut. Col. The Hon. Isaac Buchanan First Commanding Officer 13th Battn. 1862-1865
3. Presented by Mrs. Mary Prentice In Memory of her Uncle Lieut. Col. James A. Skinner Commanding Officer 13th Battn 1867-1886 4. Presented by Lady Gibson In Memory of her Husband Maj. Gen. The Hon Sir John Morison Gibson KCMG, VD Commanding Officer 13th Battn 1886-1895 Hon. Lieut. Col. 1896-1907 Hon. Col. 1907-1929
5. Presented by His Sisters In Memory of their Brother Lieut. Col Alexander Huggins Moore Commanding Officer 1895-1897 Hon. Lieut. Col. 1907-1916 6. Presented by The McLaren Family In Memory of their Father Lieut. Col. Henry McLaren Commanding Officer 1897-1902 And in Memory of their Brother Capt. Fredrick Gates McLaren 13th Royal Regt and 4th Battn C.E.F. Died on Active Service 7th February 1916
7. Presented by Lieut. Col. David Kilvert Baldwin, V.D Commanding Officer, 1929 8. In Memory of Lieut. Col. John Stoneman Commanding Officer 1902-1905 Presented by His Sisters In Memory of their Brother Col. Edmund Evelyn Wentworth Moore Commanding Officer 1905-1910 Died on active Service April 6th 1917
9. Presented by Maj. Sidney Chilton Mewburn C.M.G., V.D. Commanding Officer 1910-1913 Hon. Colonel of the Regiment In Memory of his Son Lieut. John Chilton Mewburn 13th Royal Regt. and 18th Battn. C.E.F. Killed in Action at Courcellette 15th September 1916 10. Presented by Mrs. J. D. Reid In Memory of her Brother Col. Robert Hodgetts Labatt, V.D. Lieut. Col. 13th Royal Regt. 1915 And First Commanding Officer 4th Battalion C.E.F.
11. Presented by Lieut. Col. George D. Fearman, V.D. Commanding Officer 1915-1919 Hon. Lieut. Col. of The Regiment First Commanding Officer 120 th Battalion C.E.F. 12. Presented by Mrs. R. A. Robertson In Memory of her Husband Lieut. Col. Robert Alexander Robertson Commanding Officer 1919-1921
13. Presented by Lieut. Col. Gordon J. Henderson, V.D. Commanding Officer 1921-1923 In Memory of his Brother Private D. Howard Henderson 7th Battalion, C.E.F. Killed in Action Battle of the Somme, September 1916 14. Presented by Lieut. Col. Thomas Morrison, V.D. Commanding Officer 1926-1929
15. Presented by Lieut. Col. C. W. Gibson, M.C., V.D. Commanding Officer 1930 In Memory of his Brothers Former Officers of The Regiment Lieut. John Gordon Gibson 1903-1908 Lieut. Archibald Hope Gibson 1908-1920 Lieut. Francis Malloch Gibson 1914-1915 Killed in Action at Armentieres 19th August, 1915 16. Presented by Charles Summer Scott Esq. Lieut. 13th Battn. 1880-1882 In Memory of his Brother-in-Law Major John Jacques Stuart 13th Battn. 1877-1898
17. Presented To The Officers Of The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry By Colonel Walter G. Thompson C.A.D.C. In Memory of "The Veterans of 1866" 18. Presented by Frederick Neil Southam Esq. Pte. 13th Battn. 1882-1889 In Memory of The Members of The Regiment Who served in The South African War 1899-1902
19. Presented by S. F. Washington, Esq., K.C. In Memory of his Son Lieut. Hubert Howells Washington 13th Royal Regt. and 4th Battn. C.E.F. Killed in Action at Ploegstret Wood 23rd July, 1915 20. Presented by Fredrick Robert MacKelgan, Esq. K.C. In Memory of Lieut. Col. William Renwick Marshall, D.S.O. 13th Royal Regt. Killed in Action at Hill 60 While Commanding The 15th Battn. C.E.F. 19th May, 1916
21. Presented by E. Victor Vallance, Esq. Lieut. 13th Royal Regt. 1908-1912 In Memory of his Brother Lieut. Henry Walter Vallance 13th Royal Regt. and 36th Battn. C.E.F. Killed in Action at Hill 62 13th June 1916 22. Presented by Lieut. Col. B. 0. Hooper, D.S.O., M.C. Commanding Officer 2nd Reserve Battn. In Memory of Lieut. William Vernon Carey 13th Royal Regt. and 19th Battn. C.E.F. Killed in Action at the Somme 30th September 1916
23. Presented by William Southam, Esq. In Memory of his Son Major Gordon Hamilton Southam 13th Royal Regt. and 40th Battery C.E.F. Killed in Action at the Somme 15th October 1916 24. Presented by George Hope, Esq. Ensign 13th Battn. 1868-1869 And Robert Knight Hope, Esq. Lieut. 13th Battn. 1869-1876 In Memory of their Nephew Lieut. Thomas Hope Stinson 13th Royal Regt. and C.E.F. Died from Wounds Received at Cambrai 20th October 1918
25. Presented by Captain Lester B. Husband, M.C. 13th Royal Regt. and 72nd Battn. C.E.F. In Memory of his Brother-in-Law Lieut. Henry Richard Thomson 13th Royal Regt. and 58th Battn. C.E.F. Killed in Action at Passehendaele 25th October, 1917 26. To The Officers The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry From The Officers of The 7th BN The Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Albert's) Christmas 1941
27. From The Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Albert's) To The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (Wentworth Regiment) In Memory of the War Against Germany - 1939-1945 - And as a token of Friendship  

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