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Rattlesnake Rileys Rappelling! 16 Nov 08

Capt Tim Fletcher

Rappelling is not only an essential military skill (you will note how mountainous Afghanistan is) but it can be a lot of fun! With skilled and enthusiastic instructors and the right location, it could be the start of a new outdoor sport for you.

The RHLI, with trained mountain warfare instructors and a number of soldiers who rock-climb for fun, are ideally positioned to undertake rappelling training to enhance their warfighting abilities. When you combine that with the view from the spectacular Rattlesnake Point lookout in Burlington, it?s unbeatable!

The photos come from a training day on 16 November 2008. It was a grey and wet day, with snow flurries, but the training continued in true Riley fashion. After all, you?re roped in, with safety staff at the bottom who can halt a descent simply by pulling on the ?brake? rope. And, when you rappel under those conditions, you get a real sense of accomplishment!

PS: Rattlesnake Point is named for its sinuous shape along the Niagara Escarpment, not because there?s rattlers there.