RHLI Exercises
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National Defence and the Canadian Forces

Joint Task Force Central & Land Force Central Area

31 Canadian Brigade Group

Gunfighting In Urban Operations - 15 Nov 08

Capt Tim Fletcher

When fighting in built-up areas – towns, villages, even small farms – you’re in confined spaces.  Gunfight encounters take place suddenly and at close quarters where the time to make and execute a decision is measured in milliseconds.  Modern warfighting must take into account this type of action, as our predecessors learned in World War 2.

For maximum value, urban warfare training should take place in an urban setting.  To this end, the RHLI, through C Company, forged a partnership with the Burlington Fire Department to use their “fire tower”.  Set in behind their Headquarters Station, standing six stories tall with multiple windows and entrances, and sufficient ground to manoeuvre, it made an ideal setting and saved the expense and time of travelling to Land Force Central Area’s Training Centre at Meaford on Georgian Bay.

The day included both urban operations using the ground floor, and rappelling from the six-story tower, including “Aussie-style” – let the pictures show you!