National Defence and the Canadian Forces

Joint Task Force Central & Land Force Central Area

31 Canadian Brigade Group


LFCATC Meaford, ON
23-25 October 2009

Capt Tim Fletcher

Training is never-ending for any competent army, and for the Canadian Forces, training is our key to success. The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry is no exception.

The weekend of 23-25 October 2009 saw the RHLI in the field yet again, on Exercise "RILEY ABYSS" at the Land Force Central Area Training Centre in Meaford. The training was progressive and intense, culminating, after a long, dark night in trenches and fortifications, with a spectacular sunrise heralding a dawn attack including lots of (blank) ammunition, pyrotechnics and action.

With good equipment, a sound plan and well-trained soldiers, the RHLI dominate the modern battlespace, ready for deployment - and ready to fight.

The soldiers have their photo taken on the walls of a Forward Operating Base (FOB) built at Meaford to give soldiers exposure to the conditions found in Afghanistan. The walls are made of HESCO bastion - giant soft-sided containers reinforced with steel wire and filled with stone to make very strong defences to protect our soldiers.