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Return to Dieppe Series - 18th Canadian War Cemetery at Sunset

After the first official function was "The Beating of Retreat" at the Royal Hospital at Chelsea, it was over to Dieppe, where the first function was a sunset ceremony at the Canadian War Cemetery in the town. The route in was lined with flaring torches and at the cemetery itself, large lights cast an eerie glow over the tombstones and the huge cross that marks all Canadian war cemeteries.

Top: The sign marking the route to the Canadian Military Cemetery at Dieppe, known locally as the Cemetery of Virtue.
Left: This wreath appeared mysteriously at this RHLI grave, sponsored by Stelco, who's employees volunteered in their hundreds for the war.
Right: The Dieppe Medal presented to all who took part in that terrible day. This is the one presented to then-Sgt Frank Volterman, who had the vital but horrific job of medic on the beach.
Below Left: One of the nearly two hundred Rileys who perished at Dieppe; here, they " ... liveth forever more".
Below Right: The RHLI band was the only one at the Cemetery services, and played a vital role in the commemoration. The sunset ceremony was very moving, with the Band scarlets creating an indelible impression on participants.
Below Centre: RHLI Commanding Officer Bob Horning and Susan Horning quietly pay their respects to the RHLI and other dead buried at Dieppe at the sunset ceremony.



Story and Photos by Captain Tim Fletcher


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