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Return to Dieppe Series - 19th Cemetery of Virtue

In addition to the incredible parade described in a separate story, August 19th was an amazing day. It started with the official ceremony again at the Cemetery of Virtue, with many speeches and wreath-layings. It was back on the bus after, and down to the Canadian Monument below the cliffs in the old town for another memorial event, followed by the parade.

Then, with three major events already concluded, the RHLI band, the official guard - which included Riley Cpl John Clemens, MCpl Steve Holdom and Cpl Warren Pyper along with Bandsman Matt Minnich - the official contingent trumpeter using an RHLI Silver Bugle --had yet more to do.

Left Photo: Cpl Warren Pyper stands post at the cross in the Dieppe Canadian War Cemetery. Cpl Pyper was part of the official Canadian contingent guard, along with Cpl Clemens and MCpl Holdom.
Right Photo: Pte Matt Minnich, one of our newer band members, was the official bugler for the Canadian contingent. He carried one of the RHLI silver memorial bugles, presented by the Somerset Light Infantry when the RHLI arrived overseas in 1940. The bugle is said to have gone with the RHLI to Dieppe in 1942, was lost, and mysteriously returned some months later, but there is nothing to substantiate the story.
Below Left: We are fortunate to have Dieppe Veterans with us to commemorate the battle. Fred Nichols, Lyle Luey and Frank Volterman all fought there, although Luey came ashore with the SSRs, who borrowed him and other RHLI NCOs to put some experienced men into their ranks.
Below Right: Bandsman Chuck Merry sounds La Marseillaise on one of the Regimental silver bugles with the rest of the band. It was common to hear listeners praise the sound of the trumpets and the band over the course of the Dieppe ceremonies - our band was a huge hit with the Dieppois.


Story and Photos by Captain Tim Fletcher


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