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4 Cdn Division
4th Canadian Division

31 Canadian Brigade Group

Operation Yellow Ribbon


It is the location of Canada’s biggest combat commitment since World War 2, but it’s a different war.  There are no front lines.  Our mission is divided into three parts :

  • Constant patrolling to provide the necessary security to allow the Afghan people to rebuild their nation after the Taliban’s destructive dictatorship;

  • Intense assistance in those re-building operations using Provincial Reconstruction Teams; and

  • Helping train and rebuild the Afghanistan National Army (ANA) and police to resume full control of their proud nation.

The range of missions covers the full spectrum of operations, including urban presence, long-range patrols, full-blown attacks with aircraft, helicopters and artillery to open up new territories and the setting-up of Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) to secure the new regions.

The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry has supported Canada’s mission since it began.  First in Kabul, and now in Kandahar, "Rileys" have volunteered in significant numbers to help the Afghan people return to the point where they are no longer under threat.  Taking part in both rebuilding operations and combat missions, the RHLI - with allied nations - is making a great difference.

These images, courtesy of Master Corporal Phil Howie, provide a glimpse into the rugged terrain, urban centres, patrols and conditions under which our soldiers operate.  It is not an easy job – but if it were, we wouldn’t be needed.


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