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Army Cadets

The Army Cadet program is the oldest of the Sea, or Air Cadets.

Adventure training is one of the many ways that Army Cadets remains a challenging program. Through active outdoor pursuits like trekking, canoeing, rock climbing and survival training, Army Cadets gain valuable life skills, knowledge of themselves and an awareness of their environment. Army Cadets also learn about army traditions and participate in a variety of national and international expeditions that focus on adventure training, like whitewater rafting, horseback riding and canoeing.

Each year, Army Cadet Adventure Expeditions involving hundreds of cadets are conducted across Canada. Past expeditions have been held in places like Iceland, Morocco, Australia and Mexico !!!

Local Training

Army Cadet training is divided into four “Star” levels. Upon completion of the four levels, Army Cadets take part in the National Star Certification Exam (NSCE) which tests their practical and theoretical knowledge, as well as their ability to be good instructors.

  • Green Star – 1 st year training. The basics are taught and the youth learns what it's like to be a cadet: bushcraft, citizenship, drill, fundamental training, leadership, marksmanship, public speaking and map & compass
  • Red Star - Cadets add to their basic knowledge by continuing the courses of Green Star. The cadets also learn first-aid.
  • Silver Star - The cadets have mastered the basics and takes on more responsibility. They start to concentrate on their leadership skills and learns how to teach cadets everything they have learned.
  • Gold Star - This is the last star level. The cadets perfect their instructional abilities and move into a leadership role at the cadet corps.

Summer Training

Army Cadets may attend summer courses ranging from two to six weeks. Their exact dates vary from year to year.

In addition to expeditions, senior Army Cadets can participate in international exchanges .

Captain Sari's Glacier Climbing Experiences

Climbing a Glacier in the Rockies

"At first I wasn't sure if I could make it all the way. The hike to glacier base camp was long and steep, and my pack was heavy. From camp I could see the mountains, icy and remote. Which one would we climb? Would it be difficult? In the cold dawn we roped up and started across the glacier. We skirted crevasses and many holes. On we went, over snow and ice and rock. Higher and higher we climbed, until finally there was nothing left above us to climb. At the summit, I cheered and laughed. There I was, tired but happy, higher than I had ever climbed, surrounded by a thousand more icy peaks. I had done it – together with the cadets!"

You all can accomplish goals and expectations beyond your dreams - just reach out and follow your vision!


The RHLI is proud to have two affiliated Cadet units:

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