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National Defence and the Canadian Forces

4th Canadian Division

31 Canadian Brigade Group


RHLI Recruiting

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"Military volunteers a Hidden Resource"
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Recruiting Courses starting soon
Training Courses in Burlington & Hamilton
Ample opportunities, Starting pay - $77.90 a day!

No prior experience is necessary; we will train you. The BMQ (Basic Military Qualification) Course will introduce you to life as a soldier. You will be taught how to use the C7A1 Canadian Service Rifle. You will learn skills such as navigation and basic fieldcraft. You will also learn job-transferable skills such as teamwork, self-discipline, and first Aid.

Canada's Army Reserve is a challenging part-time career. We're no ordinary part-time employer. Our expectations are high, but we offer more. You will learn your limits are higher than you thought - and then you'll exceed them time and time again. Army Reserve members are part of a team, where everyone depends on everyone else. We have to perform our duties, any time day or night no matter the weather.

Your Army Reserve experience begins with basic training - learning "soldier skills". Your basic training will take place mostly on weekends, about 15 of them over the fall, winter and spring, and some weeknights. You'll go on to spend part of the summer taking more advanced training, and then you'll be able to participate fully in the Regiment.

For example, your basic training will qualify you to take part in action like this - click here to see an RHLI platoon attack!

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You'll be paid for all your training. Once you've passed "basic", you can stay with the Regiment, earning more pay and learning advanced skills in driving, communications and leadership. You'll be eligible for courses leading to promotion - which brings yet more pay.

The Army Reserve is an invaluable learning institution. You'll absorb lessons that will serve you well for the rest of your life. You'll become physically and mentally strong while developing new skills. You'll get a resumé entry which will look good to any full-time employer.

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