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Operation Yellow Ribbon

2018 Winter Exercise "Riley Whiteout"

The Canadian Armed Forces are among the top five most highly-trained militaries in the world, and The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (RHLI, or “Rileys”) certainly shares that reputation! Part of their amazing skill set is the ability to not only survive in the field in the winter, but be able to operate effectively and decisively under winter conditions, any where in the world.

Keeping cold-weather operational skills in top form requires being out in the snow, which is what the RHLI, or Rileys, did this past January 19-21, at Canadian Forces Base Borden, near Barrie, Ontario. Exercise “Riley Whiteout” saw “B” Company in action, supported by a psychological operations team from the Riley’s “C” company, based in Burlington. View the full story and further images .


Looking for an exciting job with some purpose?

The RHLI offers challenging, exciting and rewarding opportunities in both Burlington and Hamilton for full-time summer or part-time year-round careers with a beginning pay of $85.00/day. Be sure to visit your local recruiting office, or contact the RHLI in Burlington (905-634-0711, or 905-971-1742) or in Hamilton (905-972-4001).

No prior experience is necessary; we will train you. The BMQ (Basic Military Qualification) Course will introduce you to life as a soldier. You will be taught how to use the C7 Canadian Service Rifle. You will learn skills such as navigation and basic fieldcraft. You will also learn job-transferable skills such as teamwork, self-discipline, and first aid.

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Are you a Canadian veteran of a United Nations mission? You now have your own Association! Visit www.cavunp.org. For local information, contact cavunpsouthcentral@hotmail.com

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