Here's some of the "Rileys" that have consented to be listed on the Reunion Roll Call page.

Serial Name City Years Favourite Publishable Story
1 Karen Birnie Stoney Creek, ON 4 - 5 yrs

First Year in and the first year that there was a whole platoon of Females and we were up at Meford on excerise, and some how the kitchen tent went up in flames, and we all had to be evacuated out of our tent lines, just in case the whole camp started fire. Well I rememeber one female coming out (after much coxeing) and she had pink baby doll Pj\'s on and pink curlers in her hair. We still laugh about that.

2 Janet Whiting Hamilton, ON 3 yrs

I was a part of the first year of girls....we had our own platoon for basic training during the summer of 1975. I think we changed the face of the Rileys that year.

3 Major (Ret'd) Ray DesCotes Vancouver British Columbia 6 yrs

Also served in LFCAHQ, CMAHQ & QOR. Served 20 years total.

4 Corporal (Ret'd) George D Buck

Great Memories! First joining as an RHLI Cadet. We never had much as children but my brother Bill and I had the RHLI. We walked or hitched a ride to the Armouries. I used to march along with the sound of my heels clicking - I was so proud! I then followed my older brother to join the RHLI Reserves and spent my young adult life serving. Along came Civil Defence. Lots of my friends left as they wanted to be soldiers and CD did not sit well with them. I later left to go to work. I will never forget friends that I made while there, I still chum with some of them. Cornel Brown was there and who could forget Percy Martin, our cook; Ron Falla in the Bugle Band. One of the fun things I remember was being in the Precision Drill Squad – I got to enjoy it very much. Still have a picture of us in front of the armouries. Got to wear the red tunics and white pith spiked helmet. Man was I proud! I've always been a Riley by heart!

Thanks for the opportunity to serve. I will pass this site to my Riley friends.

Thanks - still in my heart.

5 CWO (Ret'd) Ken Morrison Hamilton ON 34 yrs

Too Many to list.

6 Maj (Ret'd) Larry McMorran Hamilton ON 29 yrs
7 Adrian Telizyn Fort St John, British Columbia 6 yrs

There are too many to list. Sgts Nanton and Hoekstra left me many fine memories from the drill square!

8 Sgt (Ret'd) Henik Koksanowicz, CD Hamilton, ON 23 yrs
9 Blake Gamble Golden Lake ON 6 yrs

Ended up serving 24 yrs total, 2RCR, 3RCR, CFLRS, CF Leadership Academy, and more. Enjoyed my time as a "Riley", and when I was with the unit.

10 Dave Middlemost Mesachie Lake, British Columbia 13 yrs

The 1972 Grey Cup color guard opening ceremonies. Served a total of 23 years, also with CAF Engineers/Firefighters.

11 Bev Blayney Burlington ON 3 yrs

The fire at Meaford, the first weekend away after the infiltration of "3 Platoon". Served 1975-1978.

12 Dennis Blayney Burlington ON 17 yrs

Served 1960-1977

Hamilton ON 2 yrs

I was given a post in charge of a morning march/run of platoon #3 (all women) at Petawawa.  Was so nervous, and wouldn't you know it! on our path, heading straight for us...officers!

Had to call the eyes left, and do personal salute, ..was so scared it would not go right ..but 3rd platoon was so perfect and reacted without fail.  I was so proud of 3rd platoon that day! No one missed a step, no one missed the "Eye's Right".  We are women, we are proud, we ARE the 3rd platoon of RHLI (and did so much more then just march!)...

  And, ummmmm.. there was that 'hanging' the 'camouflage netting' over the outdoor shower's at Petawawa ...because CRAP!!  they can see us from 'up there'!

 3rd Platoon of all time!  Love you all!!!!

14 Sheryl MacDonald Oakville ON 7 yrs Served 1975 - 1982
15 Catharine Ozols
Mount Hope ON 3 yrs

The May 1975 weekend in Meaford was the first time the girls were on exercise and it proved to be a great bonding experience. Although I have no recollection of what we actually did that weekend, I do remember that we wore coveralls that were far too large for us and were given these huge boots that we could barely walk in.

The most memorable part of the weekend was the first night and the fire. We woke to shouts of "Fire! Fire! Fire!" and what we thought was gunfire. I remember thinking, "Why are they shooting at night?" and tried to get back to sleep. It wasn't long before the NCOs were ordering us to get out of our tents because they might catch on fire ... I'm sure they were ill prepared for the sight of teenage girls in their pyjamas (and one in curlers) running out of the tents.

Even though the RHLI wasn't too sure what to do with us, we sure had good times and forged strong friendships, some of which have lasted for 35 years.

And, we still laugh about that weekend in Meaford.

Served 1976 - 1979

16 Erich Landgrebe Mahtomedi, Minnesota, USA 4 yrs

I loved to serve in the Support Company and the RHLI Rifle Team.

17 Brad Carter Windsor, ON 15 yrs

The RHLI has always been part of my life...I grew up hearing about the Rileys as both my Grandfather and Father were veterans of the unit. I remember the look of happiness on my father's face when I informed him that I had joined. When I was in grade school, I had to write a composition about my hero and had chosen John Foote as I had read about him in a scrap book my mother had kept. One of the highlights of my time with the RHLI was meeting him in person. He spent time talking to me and answering my questions, he was an awesome person. I made many many friends, some are still here some have gone to a better place but they all have helped make me the person I am today and will always consider them my friends, whether we see each other all the time or not.

I remember on my Jr. NCO course being woken by a peer telling me it was raining and not being able to go back to sleep. I found a bottle of rye already mixed in my pack with a note from my mother saying she had put it in my pack. I shared that with a great friend who I'm sure remembers this story.

All the things we did as members of the Senior NCOs Mess...  the Our Friend's Trophy Shoots...  the Military Balls in the States.....  Streaking the Ball with Ed Francis....he was a great friend and lots of laughs...  England with the Unit.... we all had a great time and met some wonderful people...  Teaching the summer course with the first Females and finding out I was one of their least favourite instructors....LOL....

My main memory was all the wonderful people that I have met because I was a RILEY....once a RILEY..always a RILEY....

Thanks everyone who's paths I have crossed.....

18 Scott Wilson Beamsville, ON 7 yrs

Served 1979 - 1986. There are so many awsome memories from my time as a member of the RHLI. I met so many people and had been to many places.

"Semper Paratus"

19 Sgt (Ret'd) Ted Hardwick Cold Lake, Alberta 4 yrs

Served 4 yrs in RHLI, 20 as Military Police (Reg).

20 Victor Southgate San Francisco, California, USA 6 yrs

Served 6 years in the RHLI

21 Jeff Bellenie Ancaster, ON 7 yrs

Working within a multidisciplinary team during Operation Recuperation. That experience was life changing for me as it developed skills which are vital for me today in my civilian life.

22 John Lawrie Grimsby, ON 4 yrs

Becoming a Sergeant at a very young age.

23 Major David Buck CD Maoribank, Upper Hutt, NEW ZEALAND 4 Yrs

Served 1974 – 78 with the RHLI. A great start to a long career that also included 4 years with the Linc & Welld R, 15 years with the CF (Regular) including ATO and EOD/IEDD training in England, a year as a Technical Advisor in the minefields of Cambodia, 1 Brigade (Army of the West) in Calgary, and Reforger 88 in Germany. I am currently in my 16th year of service with the Regular Army of the New Zealand Defence Force. I have fond memories of RHLI, particularly the Associates Mess Diners – meeting the 'old and bold'. We will not see their like again, I think.

24 George Drzewicki Ancaster, ON

25 Cameron Wyatt Airdrie, Alberta

26 Major (Ret'd) Don Kennedy, CD Hamilton, ON 5 Yrs

Served 5 Years in RHLI and 38 Years with ASH of C

Leading the Change of Command Parade as DCO while the incoming CO who was on leave from Afghanistan was standing on the saluting platform beside the outgoing CO who was about to leave for Afghanistan. No other unit has ever sent two Commanding Officers to Afghanistan at the same time before or since.

27 Steve Brand Minden, ON 15 Yrs

Too many to recall within the confines of this window! I also served with QOR.

28 Rev Francis Chisholm Hamilton, ON Association Member

Attending the Ceremony at the RHLI Memeorial on The Beach Dieppe France. I was also a member of The Seaforth Highlanders

29 Mark Eldridge Ottawa ON

I joined the RHLI in the summer of 1975 under the SSEP programme. Having been raised in an army family (Dad was Canadian Guards) I really took to the environment.

Apart from my JLC, probably the most memorable thing was being part of the security force at the Montreal Olympics in 1976. That same summer I was accepted to 'Charm School" in Kingston and left the RHLI fold, except for occasional returns to the armouries for events like New Year levees.

With the experience of a year in the reserve infantry, I could see that my future did not include living in holes in the ground and eating cold food out of tins, and thus I have served for the last 35 years in the RCN.

Working in an operational HQ now, surrounded by army folks, I remember fondly the excellent training and military grounding I received in my short stint in the RHLI; and I have proudly displayed my cap badge and collar dogs in every office since 1976.

30 Richard (Rick) Allen Hamilton ON 1974 - 1981

Performing for HRH Prince Philip at the Change of Command. He spoke to me as I was on the right front lead drummer at the time. Didin't realize how tall he was until then.

31 Donald Chadbolt Wiarton ON 2 or 3 years

Each and every parade and Saturday morning duty....Ipperwash....100th Anniversary Trooping of the colours for The Queen and the Honour Guard parade at Toronto Airport..Niagara on the Lake firing range (when the groundhog outrun and evaded 6 Bren guns and 4 Lee Enfield 303's..I remember all bren guns were out of ammo and the groundhog was still running..)

32 Major Jim Hardwick, CD Kingston ON 1980 - 1986

Part of the winning team for the Kitchen Trophy 1983 for Skill of Arms; Guy Suttenwood Johnson Section Comd and 2IC was Johnny Hardwick; Tough 3-4 days. Came back and went to the Airport for a few weeks in England with Steve Brand and the unit. That was a great time to serve signing pink pay sheets and still turning out and winning the CMA Competition.

33 Allan Avery Wasaga Beach, ON 1961 - 1965

Started with the summer student militia program in '61 and then switched over to the RHLI drum & bugle corp, run by Ron Falla and Jim Inrig. Favourite memory was having our band corp reviewed by the Queen Mother in June of '62 on the tarmac of Malton airport.

34 Lt (Ret'd) Hugh Elms Etobicoke ON 1960's

I've posted this on behalf of my father, Hugh Elms. He's still alive but doesn't have a computer.

"I served with No. 62 (RHLI) Hamilton Central Collegiate Institute Cadet Corps 1948-1950; later Lt with RHLI Reserves in 1960s"

"I was raised on stories of old "Cap" Cornilius, who led the RHLI Cadet Rifle Team to victory at Bisley in 1950. At the time, almost every high school in the Commonwealth had a shooting team, so winning at Bisley was no mean feat. I hope some of my father's old friends, such as Cliff James (he who made the "King's 100" List in 1950), will be in attendance at the Reunion weekend in September. Semper Paratus - Pro Patria."

35 CWO Grant Sharp Hamilton, ON 10 yrs

I also served with Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians). My favourite recollection: Building the Liberty Arch with friends of Liberty.

36 Rob Walker Dundas, ON 17 yrs

The "A&W" weekend comes to mind......

37 Donna Schweitzer (Sgt) Caledonia, ON 13 yrs

Served from May 1981 - June 1994

It was such a great life experience serving in the Reserves with the RHLI. I learned so much and met so many fantastic people. 13 years I will never forget.

39 David Taylor Hamilton, ON 13 yrs

When I got to participate in a Excercise with the Regular Forces while still with the RHLI as a Pte and play enemy force for the Airborne Regt in Meaford/London

40 Bruce Gilroy Hamilton, ON 9 yrs

I served as a bugler in the RHLI Bugle Band (as a Volunteer). My Favorite times where playing for mess Dinners. The Partys after we played were the best I will never forget my friend Don Rattray and Al Thorton and Ron Falla Sr and many others i played beside and all My Friend in the Regtment. Great people, Great times, Great Memories.

41 Jack McFarland CWO (Ret'd) Mount Hope, ON 34 yrs

Dieppe. Also served as Hamilton District Militia Headquarters from 1970-1973 as a CWO.

42 Wayne Beauchamp Ancaster, ON 10 yrs

The 100th. anniversary celeberations of The Regiment at the Civic Stadium in 1962. Also participating at the 25th Anniversary of Dieppe Raid in France in 1967.

43 Christopher Shelley Kingston, ON 2 1/2 yrs RHLI

Also served with: RMC (424 Sqn, (78-83) 408 Sqn (83-86; 89-92; 89-02), 1 Wing (97-99; 03-05), 89 Rotary Wing Aviation Unit (1990 Central America), BRWAU (Bosnia, 2001), NDHQ (rather not remember!)

"I was on a Junior NCO course in Borden when the unit had to hand in its last .30 calibre GPMGs for conversion to 7.62 mm. We were the last unit to have these weapons, and so the ammo bunkers in Borden gave us their entire stock of .30 calibre ammo, in old cloth belts, and we fired it all! Multi-thousands of rounds went down range - entire belts flew threw the guns with one pull of the trigger. We fired until the barrels melted. Never before or since have I had such fun with a weapon!"

44 Don Barker 5 yrs

Having the pleasure of particapating in the 25th anniversary celebration in Dieppe France in 1967.

45 Bill Kedziora Grimsby, ON

46 Kenneth N Kingdon Dundas, ON 4 years

The Summer of 1980 & Germany 1981

47 William Gehl Brantford, ON 8 years

While heading to Peterborough for a Winter EX, I placed food wrap over the toilet bowl at a McDonalds Restaurant just before Cpl Daigle (6'11") used the toilet.

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